Use These Top Tips To Keep Your Pantry Organized and Inviting!

Your pantry is a space in your home that is used practically daily. You reach in there each day and you deserve to have an organized, beautiful looking pantry greeting you every time you do. Of course, we all know it takes some effort to keep a space that is used every day in order and in good shape. Here are some tips on how you can be as organized as possible and have a pantry that will beg you to open it!

The Containers

It is important that you equip yourself with large jars, plastic boxes and baskets to organize your pantry. Make sure that sealable containers are airtight so you don’t have any nasty surprises like insects or bacterial growth in your food. Transparent containers are best so that you can easily spot what you are looking for, and also so that you can see what you are running low on for your grocery list without having to open each container! Make sure to choose containers with easy-to-open lids that won’t have you cursing under your breath every time you open them!

A Labeler

Don’t underestimate the power of a label! When you’re taring into your pantry and can’t remember which jar is holding the all-purpose flour as you are facing multiple jars of rice flour, cake flour, self-raising flour, and cornflour, you will regret not having labeled your jars! Do not rely on using differently sized or designed jars to remember your items. Labeling is the safest and easiest thing to do to keep an organized pantry.

Routine Checks

If you are going to make checking your pantry a huge and time-consuming affair, you are going to be less inclined to actually do it. That’s why dedicating 10 minutes every week to sorting and reorganizing your pantry is the best option. Choose a specific day and time and stick to it. Use this time slot to relabel as necessary, take inventory and make a list or place items in their correct place as things can become jumbled up with everyday use.


There are many creative ways to do this, but grouping the items in your pantry cupboard will save you a lot of hunting and digging around. Group like items with like items and use deep sheet pans, decorative boxes or even baskets to make grouping them easier (and prettier). Of course, even a simple crate will do! Having goods grouped up has advantages like containing spills or leaks, and making it easier to find stuff. For example, when you are baking, wouldn’t it be convenient if all your extracts, baking powder, baking soda, and cookie decorations were all kept together? We think so!

Use the Doors

A great tip, if you have a small pantry (most of us do), is to make the best use of every inch of space – and this includes the doors. Your pantry door is the perfect spot for extra storage. All it takes is a little creativity and time and you can have custom shelving on that door to hold spice jars, foil and baking parchment, cookie cutters and baking utensils, and more. If you’re really pressed for space and don’t have a lot to work with, even hanging a shoe organizer on the pantry door will help create extra room.

The Cart

An especially neat tip for your kitchen is to keep a cart in the pantry with all your everyday staples on it. That way, all you have to do is wheel out the cart and get cracking in the kitchen! Think of storing all your essentials on it and saving yourself a hundred trips to the pantry as you prepare things in the kitchen.

U-Shape Rules

The best way to arrange your containers and items is in a u-shape. We commonly pack things onto a shelf in a way that uses the most space available so we can cram more into our pantry, but then we go out and buy stuff only to find we had some of the same items hiding at the back. This is how you forget what is in there. Stacking in a u-shape means you see everything and that’s the point! No more expiring items and ten cans of beans!

So which tips are you going to follow in your pantry? Our suggestion – all of them!