Kick Your Way into a Healthier Body

If your old cardio routine is getting stale or you’re a beginner looking for a cardio workout to get you started, kickbox cardio can be a great way to get into shape or increase the strength and stamina you’ve already gained. Kickbox cardio can be done at your own pace and intensity, so people of all fitness levels can benefit from this type of workout.

Working Out Your Cardiovascular System

Kickbox cardio is usually done at a fast pace with little or no breaks in between routines and will effectively keep your heart rate up at the fat burning levels. For the shorter rest periods you do take, active rest will be encouraged in order to keep your body moving. As long as you stay active and prevent your heart rate from dropping too low, you will be continuously burning fat and developing a strong heart and lungs.

Toning Your Whole Body
Unlike jogging or cycling, kickbox cardio is a full body workout that incorporates all of your limbs. Kicking, punching, and combos ensure that you’re working out more that just one muscle group. Kickbox cardio routines will also involve skipping, push-ups, sprinting, and jumping exercises so while you’re exhausting your heart, you’re giving equal punishment to your arms and legs to get maximum muscle tone.

Balance and Flexibility

Any well rounded workout routine should involve three aspects; cardio exercise, strength training, and flexibility. Kickbox cardio routines usually have very involved warm-up and cool down periods in order to prevent injury and ensure all your muscles are ready to extend into the most effective kicks and jabs. The stretching you do before and after your workout will play a big role in developing flexibility. You’ll also gain more stability and balance by having to often support your weight on only one foot.

While Kickbox cardio can make you feel more powerful and confident, these classes should not be used as a means of learning self defense. The techniques you’re taught are designed more for a cardio workout than combat preparation, but learning the basic moves may ignite a passion in you for a more serious kickboxing experience. For those just looking to have fun and get in shape, kickbox cardio is an excellent routine to get you there and keep you motivated.