What ways of phlebotomy classes do you have?

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Becoming familiar with the many different ways on how to enter phlebotomist jobs should be your first step to the successful career path.

In some cases, it is possible to become a phlebotomist with only a high school diploma. Clinics and hospitals can choose high school graduates and learn them as phlebotomists. However, some jobs require other responsibilities than simply blood collecting. Phlebotomists must be skilled in the human anatomy and physiology, and have a good bedside manner. Phlebotomy classes will prepare technicians for all aspects of their work in an adequate manner. A further step is to become certified. Certification is not required to become a phlebotomist technician, except in two states, but certified specialists are often preferred by potential employers, so that the certification will be an advantage. There are several ways to become certified.

First of all you can become certified with no formal training. About one year of experience as a sampler is necessary to pass the certification exam. This involves a definite number of the successfully completed venipuncture and dermal procedures. Similarly, nurses or other medical personnel may decide to specialize in phlebotomy.

The second way is to complete a formal training program. There are two types of phlebotomy programs. The first case you take a formal course but you are not required passing an exam. The second type of program is completed when students pass the certification examination after graduating. If getting a certification, future promoting and high phlebotomist salary is your goal, then you should select only accredited schools and pass an exam.

Another option is to attend an internship offered by the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians. The internships are designed for medical staff or those with a background in biology and chemistry. The courses include the bloodstream, intramuscular injections and the recognition and treatment of samples. Participants will have the opportunity to practice what they learned on models and humans.

Online courses are a common option today. Choosing to take online phlebotomy classes can prepare you academically as a sampler, but it is not possible to be eligible for being certified, without hours of practice on the procedures for skin puncture. If you choose to complete your training through the distance mode, it is important to find a program that will help you set up an internship to complete the clinical requirements. It is sometimes possible to complete the written part of the certification exam online, even if a portion of practice is still needed.

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