Top Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

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Before you can start enjoying the best smoking experience and all the extra benefits of using an electronic cigarette, you need to first find a high quality starter kit to use. To help you get started with switching to an electronic cigarette today, we are going to take a look at some of the best starter kits available on the market.

SmokeTip, a popular brand in the world of electronic cigarettes, has been known to be one of the best e-cig brands we have today. The two-piece design and amazing warranty for every starter kit you purchase makes SmokeTip an option worth considering nonetheless.

Another superb option to consider is V2 electronic cigarettes. V2 is also a very popular brand among e-cig users. Find a review of v2 e-cigs and you will instantly see how a V2 starter kit scores 5 out of 5 for almost every aspect reviewed.

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are also among the options you need to consider when choosing an e-cig starter kit. Known to be one of the oldest brands in the industry, Green Smoke offers an optimum smoking experience for first-time electronic cigarette users. The only downside of this brand is its rather mediocre packaging; the starter kit is packed using a simple – rather boring – box.

Other brands including the famous LUCI electronic cigarettes are also among the options you can choose from. All you need to do to find the most suitable starter kit to purchase is read reviews and testimonials for each product. You will be able to conclude which starter kit is best by relying on these reviews and user testimonials.

Once you have selected the most suitable e-cig starter kit to purchase, you can complete the purchase and have the item delivered to you in no time. You can then start using the electronic cigarette and stop smoking tobacco cigarettes altogether.

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