Too Old for Allergies?

Posted by Alica Blakeley on Mar 29, 2012 0 Comments »

A friend of mine—poor thing—has been sneezing and coughing and chasing down her runny nose for weeks At first convinced it was her usual end-of-winter cold, she treated it as such with lots of steaming hot chicken soup, lozenges and decongestants

When, after the expected time, it did not subside—but only worsened—she became concerned and visited her doctor The news surprised her: she didn’t have a cold at all but, instead, she had allergies

When she told me, she wasn’t the only one who was surprised She was in her 50s and never had allergies up until now I always thought that allergies developed early on and persisted into adulthood I figured since I never had allergies that I was well out of the woods by now and would never have to worry about them How wrong I was: adult-onset allergies plague many a grown-up You may have been a carefree child not paying heed to the fur on your dog or the food on your plate, but as an adult,

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